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Emphasis on low and middle-rise architecture of mixed uses and densities. Extensive experience in renovation as well as new construction and coastal construction.

Reference testimonials

“Will is easy to work with.  His approach is thoughtful, considered, thorough and creative.  He is extremely knowledgeable about construction, permitting, and processes on the shoreline, knowledge that is important indeed when building or renovating in a tough environmental and regulatory area. As shoreline zoning continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Will's expertise and ability to anticipate possible issues is invaluable.”  Joseph Paduda 

"Will Thompson is wonderfully relentless in pursuing the details that make a design and a building a success or not.  He is someone who can be relied upon."  Robert Patricelli

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We start by review of your project requirements and your site or possible sites. Consideration of context, lines of sight, public and private areas, light, the size
of rooms and aesthetics are evaluated. In Commercial / Industrial projects a multitude of business and process related criteria are developed and considered. Click here to download a complete process PDF.

  • Pre-Design 
    Schematic Design

    Our initial work includes review of your requirements, the site, zoning, wetlands, flood zones, environmental issues, topography, and building code specific to the project.  This is the stage when with your input we develop the program for the Project. This work is all tied into a series of design meetings. 

  • Design Development
    Construction Documents

    Once the basic relationships of the building, site and budget start to become more clear we start to develop the design.  This is when the drawings get enlarged. We start to detail the main materials, circulation, kitchen and bath areas.   In Commercial / Industrial projects, space allocation and equipment processes are further reviewed. The next stage is the creation of the Construction Documents.  These documents include information to allow the builder to build the project. 

  • Construction 
    Contract Procurement

    Construction Contract Procurement is a stage when a qualified builder is selected.  We recommend that whenever possible, one or two preferred builders are involved during the development of the construction documents.  This allows input from other viewpoints and time to evaluate who may be best suited to build the project.

  • Construction
    Contract Administration

    We monitor construction to confirm that it is being built as per the documents.  We review requests for payment and keep record of the work by keeping minutes of site meetings that usually occur every two weeks or so.  

William Thompson

Emphasis on low and middle-rise architecture of mixed uses and densities. Extensive experience in renovation as well as new construction and coastal construction. Understanding of both architectural and construction sides of the delivery process. Consideration of context, site planning, material selection, lines of sight and movement. Interest in how design can contribute to communities and the quality of our lives. The firm principal William Thompson, AIA is directly involved with each project. He has decades of experience in both the design and the construction of buildings. He has worked as both a solo practitioner and on multiple designer projects. Download full resume here.

Licensed Architect
New York, Connecticut & Vermont
NY Lic #29987, CT Lic #10596, VT Lic #2701

William Thompson Architect


William Thompson Architect
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